grass valley / water

Spring Water Love

We love spring water. Really it is all we would use if we could hook it up to our sinks and shower! Until that future is made manifest we are regular users of the find a spring website to discover the local gathering spots.

Here in Grass Valley we are newbies to the area but have already visited 2 spots. So far we rate bitney springs for the sheer flow of water and community atmosphere. The water is simply delicious with no particulate.

Lucky Springs on Dogbar road was a bit more of a rustic affair and the flow was pretty low as we come into the summer months. It did taste super deliciously sweet so we were thrilled to fill up our 10 gallon worth of water.

We recently ordered a geeky piece of kit for water testing. So we will be able to measure PH, ORC level (antioxidant potential), temperature, conductivity and maybe some other things, ha! We plan to return to the springs and test them both when it arrives and that will be how we decide which one we will make our regular haunt. We are looking for an alkaline water the higher the better, this counteracts the damage from our highly acidic environments and diet. This is also achieved with the amazing ionizer kangen machine- we are looking to invest in one soon so watch this space!



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