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I choose to Thrive….

Today my 1st order from ‘Thrive’ arrived! They have a lot of my favourite products at great prices, especially with 15% off your first order. I’m sure you’ve seen the sponsored links on your facebook feed if you are interested in organics and healthfood.

Most of the goodies I got for making raw vegan treats including raw cacao nibs and powder from Divine Organics, coconut manna, seeds butters from Once Again, Raw Agave, Silken Tofu, Raw Almonds, Raw Cashews and powdered Flax seed…… i think i spent about $100 which is pretty amazing.

The one thing I wasn’t keen on was all the packaging, even the tofu were inside individual plastic bags! I think i will write to them about that. They will be reused when we go to the coop and get bulk stuff but really there’s only so many bags you need! Overall, a good experience- they already gave me another 15% coupon for my next shop 🙂


Thrive goodies!

Thrive Market- FREE gifts and 15% off 1st order



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