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Raw Vegan Cashew Berry Cheesecake

IMG_0951This has been brewing for a few days but was made manifest when my lover returned with a flat of strawberries from our favourite fruit stall!

The raw base is soaked crushed almonds and dates which would be done effectively in a food processor but we only had a large pestle and mortar so a lot more chunky and rustic 🙂 I added in maca which is one of my favourite superfood add-ins for energy. It is an adaptogen so it gives you what you need when you need it. If you use it just before a workout you will feel full of energy, if you simply want to work on the computer you will  feel focused. Then a couple of servings of complete protein powder which will provide the feeling of fullness and provide 2/3rd of the RDA of protein for an average person. After mashing the almonds and dates I stirred in the other ingredients and pressed the mixture into a shallow glass dish so its about 1/4 inch thick. This then goes in the freezer to set.

We got a bit creative with the raw vegan, dairy free filling, swirling 3 flavours together. We started with the main base of soaked cashews, tofu, coconut cream and a bit of raw honey. We removed 1/3rd and then added the strawberries and blended again. We removed a 1/3rd again and then blended the remainder with a handful of mixed frozen berries.


With all these beautiful colours we poured them over the set base (should be ok after 30 minutes) and then swirled them around with a fork to create the ripple effect.

This went back into the freezer for another hour.

We decorated it with strawberries and served with a sprig of basil but mint would be lovely too.




2 x handfuls of raw organic almonds- soaked for 6 hours

4 x organic medjool dates- soaked for 6 hours

4 x tbsp of organic Complete Protein Powder

2 x tbsp of maca


1 x pack of organic extra firm silken tofu

2 x tbsp of organic coconut cream

2 x handfuls of soaked raw organic cashews

1 x punnet of strawberries

1 x handful of mixed berries

We store this in the freezer- not that it lasts too long!




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