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How we change the world with 5 simple actions

Every Action Makes A difference!


We need a new paradigm for how and what we eat as a collective. The resource heavy and abusive industries that proliferate our planet are providing products that make people sick and leaves the planet gasping. Food with little nutrition and takes a heavy toll on the land, animals and eco-systems. We are reaching a tipping point and some habits have just got to change.

The union of concerned scientists has stated that 80% of our ecological problems and caused by 4 human activities

  1. Driving cars and light trucks
  2. Meat and Poultry production
  3. Non-organic agriculture
  4. Home construction and maintenance

I would see this has pretty positive as the ways to change this are really in our own hands, the major issue being with what we consume! (3 out of the 4 are directly linked to these practices) These are lifestyle changes, we can choose a different way.


1. Stop voting for the actions you detest from the corporations you know perform them. Money talks in this reality. You are giving them power with every purchase, even if it seems insignificant. Like an emergency Nestle water purchase whilst an an airport lounge for instance. The way to get the world you want to see is voting for it with how you live your life, what you choose to support financially and what you choose to eat and drink. Big business is not in business if we choose not to support them. Practice being impeccable with your values and before too long it becomes automatic.


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2. Disposables. This is huge! Always travel with a metal water bottle, metal straw, a few cotton bags and a spoon. I always have a knife too to prepare healthy snacks on the go. Avoid samples unless they are using completely compostable serving cups or toothpicks, if they aren’t tell them why you won’t try what they are offering. The consumer is king remember, and big brands will take note when we stand up for our beliefs with complete authenticity. Coffee shops will often give you a discount when you bring in your own travel mug.



3. Treat yourself and your family with the best possible food available as a priority. You get what you pay for. If you don’t value yourself, why do you think anyone else will? Organic, preferably local production. Seek out farmers markets, visit farms direct, support your local food coop. When you ponder over the 1 dollar price difference between standard and organic produce think of all those bare, barren mono-culture fields, the sadness you feel when you see them and choose another way. Support a different reality! Be consistent! The universe supports action based in love not fear. A mindset of abundance rather then scarcity mentality. Abundance flows to you if you let it flow through you to worthy causes and support good practices. Live the life you want for you and your family today, don’t keep it as an imaginary future ‘when you have more money’, it will never happen like that, your health is a priority NOW! Remember, you are what you eat!




4. Grow your own veggies and herbs! This for me is one of the most wonderful, inspiring things we can do to foster a new relationship with our food. When we have nurtured a plant from seed all the way to fruit and then collect the new seed we are involving ourselves in the great cycle of life in a tangible way. The resultant food feels very special and sacred. we prepare it with love in a simple way where that ingredient is truly honored. We focus our attention on it as we eat, we savor the flavours, remembering everything you went through to get to that stage. All the hand watering, weeding, potting up from tray to pot to bigger pot. Careful observation to watch for pests, rabbits, deer. There were some losses for sure, but this one made it and it tastes delicious! In modern agriculture this level of attention does not exist. Hardier varieties are chosen for how they survive out there in a huge field by themselves. Short varieties that don’t need to be individually staked, the plants not in direct contact with the water pipes are left to wither and die. Pests come, pesticides are sprayed. Weeds appear herbicides are sprayed. So the plant also has to be able to survive those onslaughts. Flavour is not a priority. It just needs to look good on the shelves, and keep well, much like a plastic fruit in a still life display, lifeless. Growing your own you build a relationship, you have access to a large bank of flavours and varieties, you practice caring for another living thing, you gain patience, persistent and also acceptance of what is. It doesn’t always work out how you imagine but each time you learn more about your soil, your environment and the natural cycles leading to a sense of reconnecting with the earth and its gifts.




5. Make compost! Everyone should have a compost bin. Its a most rich source of natural fertilizer available. Certainly great for the veggie patch but also for house plants and potted herbs. If you are short of space you can get a small wormery for your porch with the added benefit of worm tea which can be tapped at the bottom and used as a potent plant fertilizer. One of main problems of sending compost off to landfill is that once there the nutrients are locked in. To stop huge amounts of methane gas being produced, landfill sites are capped with clay. Everything is held in status. Those nutrients will never be bio-available again. Modern farming is responsible for nutrient loss in top soil through plowing. The soil drys out and blows away, ending up in the rivers and eventually the sea. If we are then discarding all our precious compost scraps into landfill what does the future look like? More and more requirement for synthetic fertilizers! Less and less nutrient content on our food! A healthy soil creates healthy produce. The healthier it is, the easier it is to grow an abundance of organic food! Be a positive cog in the nutrient cycle wheel. You can even collect compost for your garden from friends without gardens, coffee shops often give their grounds away, and at the end of a farmers market  you can often collect carrot tops and the like.


We are all on a journey of many realisations. The more we act with integrity, intention, compassionate and consideration the more the path we tread becomes easier, less rocky and clearer. It becomes a true joy. The universe is no longer on our backs about our selfish actions. We are rewarded with a feeling of peace and harmony. You can only do your best and everyone’s ‘best’ is different so dont beat yourself up for supposed transgressions, they are good reminders when the next choice presents itself and you can choose another way. Practice awareness and take responsibility for living the life you want in the world you want to see. It will then slowly shift in being that each and everyday.

Enjoy playing your part!



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