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Each Peach Pear Banana Superfood Bowl


California peaches are in season!! Our lovely fruit stall guy gave as a great deal on well ripe, sweet and delicious giant orange peaches and so we are using them in many different ways right now including freezing a bunch for ice-cream 🙂

This was a delicious early evening meal and it was most definitely filling and fully balanced. I blended the main mix and then poured that into bowls before adding ingredients for the runny pear-y sauce, pouring most of that out and using what was left to blend with the creamy almond cream and coconut butter for the second layer.

I invite you to play around with this. Sometimes I find it hard to recall exactly what I did do for a bowl or smoothie because I edit it intuitively, tasting and throwing bits and bobs in. Its really nice to have the mix of thicknesses and textures and flavors. Even just one addition can change the mix and create another level of interest to use in your layered delicious delight. Please have fun with your food! Enjoy!


2 cups of carrot and apple juice (4 carrots and 1 apple approx)


1 1/2 cups of the juice

4 x frozen bananas

1 x large peach

1 x tbsp of psyllium husk

1 x tbsp of maca

1 x tbsp ground flax

2 x tbsp of Complete Protein Powder



Leaving about 1/4 of the mix in the blender after pouring it I added:

1 x pear

1 x serving of Fulvic Acid

1/2 cup of carrot and apple juice

Creamy layer:

Pour out 3/4 of the topping and save it to pour over last, blend the last 1/4 with:

2 x tbsp of creamed almonds (we had put soaked almonds through the omega juicer to create an oily grainy butter before blending it with some water in the blender to get the cream) You could also try just blending in a handful of soaked almonds

1 x small handful of raw cashews

1 x tbsp coconut butter



Serve in layers however you are called. Would look really beautiful in a tall latte glass with fruit in-between.

We topped with banana and peach slices with a bit of fragrant basil……eating in the setting sun from your deck is optionally but also recommended. 🙂



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