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Raw Frozen Almond Berry Pie




This was born from an experiment which turned out not quite how we were expecting. We recently learned you could make nut butters with the Omega juicer so we gave it a whirl with semi soaked almonds and got a very marzipan like raw pie crust. We tried to go more buttery by whizzing it up in a blender with some spring water and we got almond cream! Ha! So 2 very different surprise products from the wonderful gift that is the almond.

SO we decided to just surrender to what this wanted to be! This was actually Nathanaels creation. He whizzed up a berry layer with some psyllium husk and made a chocolate layer with coconut oil, cacao, cardamon, cinnamon.

This was made in a ceramic ramekin which was well oiled with the almond base layer oils. The layers were frozen at each addition. The chocolate layer hardened as soon as it was poured on top. Peaches finished off the presentation and provided a much needed freshness. Decadent!


2 x handfuls of raw almonds soaked for a couple of hours then blended or run through an omega juicer a few times


1/2  of the  processed almonds

couple of soaked dates (optional)

blend to combine and press firmly into base of dish

Berry Layer

Handful of mixed frozen berries

1 x tbsp of psyllium husk

Creamy layer

1 /2 of the processed almond mix whizzed up in the blender with 1/2 cup of water

1 x tbsp coconut butter

Chocolate layer

1 x tbsp of cacao powder

2 x tbsp pf melted coconut oil

1 x tbsp of spring water

1 x tbsp of agave syrup

pinch of cardamon

pinch of cinnamon

Mix and pour overt the top of frozen base layers

This is so rich! We shared 1/2 a 5 inch ramekin between 2 and that was mighty fine!

So grateful for my beloved and his raw creations keeping me pining for sugar and wheat!




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