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4 Layer Raw Cacao Fruity Fantasy!

This was really a work of art. This was mainly Nathanael’s doing and the only credit I can take is the eating of it with much relish and delight, including licking out bowls between layers and offering ideas for additions.photo 5

The base was made with the omega juicer which is really an amazing way of blending and grinding dry ingredients which doesn’t work so well in a standard blender. Almonds, Cashews and Pumpkin seeds were the main ingredients. You need to put them mix through a few times to start releasing the oils and then this is pressed into your chosen pie dish. If you do this in a food processor then you may need to add a few soaked dates to the mix or some coconut oil to create that slightly sticky consistency and a crust that will meld together and not be crumbly. Place in the freezer while you make the next layer.

photo 4photo 2photo 3

The berry layer was made again in the juicer using frozen strawberries and banana along with some psyllium husk which gels the ingredients together and is especially good for creating soft scoop ice-cream. This was layered over the base and returned to the freezer to set up.

photo 1 copy (1)

Yes, it looks pretty vulgar! hA!

The creamy layer was my favourite and was mainly avocado and coconut cream with some maca. This was created in the blender and then smoothed over the semi-set berry layer.

The final chocolate layer was avocado, cacao powder , carob powder, fig balsamic vinegar, agave syrup and some coconut oil. Smoothed out over the semi-set creamy layer.

photo 1 (2)

The peaches were added before it was completely set but could also be added before serving. I would recommend removing from the freezer a few hours before you want to eat and it can be stored in the fridge or simply kept in the freezer but it really doesn’t last that long for spoiling to be a problem (i.e it gets eaten pretty quick!)

We enjoyed this for dinner and breakfast with a cup of Berry Radical Cacao Blend and it was simply orgasmic!!! yeeeee! Superfoods are go!

photo 2 (1)photo 4 (1)


I want to stress that all of these quantities are a rough guide and are in no means set in stone. All is optional and open to interpretation and personal preference.


1 x handful of raw almonds

1 x handful raw cashews

1 x handful raw pumpkin seeds

1 x small handful of cacao nibs/beansC

Berry Layer

1 x handful of strawberries (frozen if your using the juicer technique)

2 x bananans (frozen if using the juicer technique)

1 x thumb piece of fresh ginger

1 x pinch of cardamon

Creamy layer

1 x tablespoon of coconut cream

1 x avocado

1 x heaped tablespoon maca

1 x tbsp of agave

Chocolate layer

1 x ripe avocado

1 x tbsp of raw cacao

1/2 tbsp of carob

1 x tbsp of balsamic vinegar

1 x tbsp of raw blue agave syrup or sweetener or choice


For deco:

1 x donut peach and red basil





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