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Free Virtual Essential Oils Workshop


Essential oils are big right now and are something I am looking to delve further into and so thought I would pass this on to those whom I felt are probably already experimenting with their healing powers.

David Crow is actually based in Nevada City, California where i am currently residing so feels very aligned. His oils are pretty incredible and the hummingbird is a key element of the Floracopeia logo for those who resonate with that 🙂 


Essential oils are wonderfully effective for supporting a wide range of physical and emotional health goals, including enhanced energy levels, better sleep, an improved sense of wellbeing, greater confidence and happiness, more balanced hormones, and so much more.

But you must know precisely what to do to achieve the results you, or your clients, are seeking.

So I’m excited to invite you to a free virtual workshop with Floracopeia founder David Crow. David is one of the most respected botanical medicine pioneers in the world and a brilliant teacher.


He’s steeped in herbal and aromatherapy knowledge from the oldest healing traditions in the world, and has logged countless hours of professional work with essential oils over 30 years.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to benefit from David’s wisdom!

This free event — The Next Level of Using Essential Oils for Healing: Harness the Power of Specific Remedies from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine & Modern Aromatherapy — is happening:

Saturday, July 30, at 10:00am Pacific.



During this virtual seminar, you’ll:

Discover an essential oil from a Mediterranean flower that holds amazing healing powers for wounds, soft tissue injuries and skin

Learn about an oil from the root of a Himalayan herb used in Ayurveda that consistently promotes sound sleep and beneficial dreams

Understand the world’s most widely used essential oil for deep relaxation according to traditional Chinese medicine

Gain a deeper understanding of how the olfactory system affects brain function, emotions and even your biorhythms

And all for FREE. RSVP for the July 30 virtual workshop…  CLICK HERE
Much love and blessings,



A downloadable recording will be provided to all registered participants.


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