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Burning Man Superfood Survival

3-burning-man-2014What do you do when you have a sudden urge to go campout in the middle of the desert with other 70,000 people in 100 degree heat  with 1 day to prepare, no transport, no camp to join and no way of keeping fresh food cool?

Pack up a bag full of Superfoods and hit the road that’s what!

I started my journey hitch hiking from Bend Oregon. I picked up a 10 gallon jug of sacred mountain water at the headwaters in Shasta and managed to get that to the playa with the help of many bermused drivers along the way 🙂

My food for the entire 9 days fit in a standard sized reusable shopping bag. This is what I took:

Miessence Complete Protein Powder

Alkalizing Deepgreen Superfood

Inliven Probiotic Superfood

Berry Radical Antioxidant Cacao Superfood blend

maca powder

250g chia seeds

small bag psylium husk

1 bag hemp hearts

1lb dried figs

1lb raw cashews

1lb Trail mix (almonds, cranberries, cacao nibs, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)

bag of homemade energy bites (dates, coconut, maca, spiralina, seasalt, protein powder)

1 Jar peanut butter

2 oranges

bunch of bananas

1 emergency dehydrated vegan camping meal (which i didn’t eat)

1 x bottle of kumbucha

1 x large coconut water



Generally I stared the day with some soaked chia mixed in with all the superfood powders plus protein powder and hemp hearts. This kept me going pretty much all day even with biking around all day. It was so hot, eating was really not something that felt that appealing until it cooled down in the evening. I did find a few places out their which offered some really special things such as Pink Heart who served vegan coconut ice-cream each day at lunchtime.


I would take a bit of trail mix to nibble on out on the playa and focus on keeping hydrated. i would also bring the Deep Green out with me, 1 tsp being the equivalent of an 8oz green juice from freeze dried organic veggie juice (no insoluble fibre). I would do shots when i felt like I needed a boost, and I felt like it really helped with keeping hydrated. I also took it into the women lodge in Red Lightning (a bit of a refuge for me) and shared it with mooning ladies needed a good serving of iron.

Then in the evening I would usually return to my little tent and make a cacao-maca protein shake. Fully potent energy and nourishment with good healthy fats and magnesium. I find maca and the Berry Radical Cacao to be a great mix. It can help you flow into a late night of dance and frolicking or if you simply want to ground down and be in a space it also supports relaxation and meditation. Maca is a powerful adaptogen and the best way I can describe it is that it doesn’t push its effects on you and leave you feeling overly stimulated or numbed, but it works with your energy and the task/situation in hand to provide relevant support. I recommend at least a tablespoon portion.


On day 5 or 6 I was starting to really feel the effects of the dust in my throat and it started tickling and feeling bit sore. I had an early night with 2 shots of Deep Green and later some hot Berry Radical. The antioxidant level in this product is huge. The small pot is the equivalent of 5kg of blueberries BUT  it has a whole range of different berries which has been shown to be a lot better, giving you the whole gamut of free-radical fighting antioxidants. The next morning I woke up- no more sore throat.

I left with some trail mix and 1/2 a jar of peanut butter including plenty of superfood- I could have probably gone another week with the powerful nutrition I was carrying. It was actually pretty much a full on detox as I was surviving on optimum nutrient rich food with no real extras. My stomach was much less busy without the need to break down heavy meals and so my energy and stored water could be used for staying at a good temperature, biking around the far playa and attending many transformational workshops including amazing EFT tapping, ecstatic dance, women freedom and nutrition workshops. Yes, I was told you find whatever you want to find out at the burn. Very true :).


So i wasn’t being a crazy party animal due to being on my moon and also I prefer listening to my body and its natural energy cycles rather then stimulating it with chemical drugs and alcohol. My indulgence is tea (I found some lovely teashops including Skinny Kitty Tearoom) and steam baths (there were at least 5 different cams offering these). I did sustain myself very well out there, sure it wasn’t the most exciting diet but my body loved it. I got back to life and was pretty much right as rain by monday morning after a day of rest and deep clean.

Thank you superfoods and your magical powers!


Thanks Burning Man for putting what I believed to be true to the test- that once you have concentrated optimum nutritional products, eating food is just for pleasure and joy. Life then gets simpler as your not stuck in the old paradigm of believing you need 3 solid meals a day to survive. Actually it is pretty simple to THRIVE!

Please get in contact for details of any of these products and the best sources I have found.

You can check out the Miessence superfood product range here:

Organic, Raw Vegan Superfood range

Take the 10 day vitality challenge with my favorite  superfood blends

Superfood Vitality challenge Information


Best wishes on your own journey of optimum happiness, health, and wellness 🙂


Feed your Temple space!! 







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