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Get Your Free Bottle of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

One of my favourites online health food store ‘Thrive’ are at it again with a free bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar for all! Valid until January 2nd. Joining Thrive gives substantial discounts on organic and health foods and you can trial it free for a month to see how much you save. 

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Throughout history, this vinegar has been used as a disinfectant, preservative, and condiment. Commonly abbreviated as ACV, apple cider vinegar gets its tangy bite and legendary benefits from acetic acid, a natural product that occurs during fermentation. The highest quality ACV is a murky, unfiltered vinegar. Not sure about those clouds of dark stuff floating in the bottle? Not to worry—that mass is called the “mother,” and it’s actually perfectly safe, and its loaded with proteins, enzymes, and healthy bacteria.


The digestive tract is where ACV really shines: It prevents indigestion, balances blood sugars, and, when sipped with a meal, helps the body absorb nutrients. In 2004, a study cited in the American Diabetes Foundation’s publication Diabetes Care1 found that taking vinegar before meals significantly increased insulin sensitivity and dramatically reduced the insulin and glucose spikes that occur after meals. Plus, the acetic acid is thought to block starch digestion, preventing it from entering the blood stream and spiking blood sugar. As undigested starch passes through your body, it feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut—a win-win.

Folk medicine says it can cure everything from hiccups to warts, soften hair, and brighten skin. An all-natural disinfectant, ACV cuts through grease and germs as a household cleaner, and it’s a great wash your produce without harsh chemicals. Combined with vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar also makes a great furniture polish and leaves your home smelling like an apple orchard. Used as a mouthwash, ACV may help whiten teeth, banish bad breath, and kill the bacteria associated with sore throats.

How’s that for a multitasker? And we haven’t even talked about how delicious apple cider vinegar is. Try it with easy Brussels sprout chips, or in a simple digestive tonic.

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