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FAST for body, mind and spirit

headYour body is a physical manifestation of the foods you’ve been eating and the mental and emotional patterns you’re holding. Some of these things need to change in order for your body to change. Dieting usually only addresses the physical causes contributing to our weight and don’t do anything for the non-physical causes. People who are ultimately successful at losing weight realise that it’s their attitudes and beliefs and habits that create the excess weight on our body. Rarely do these deeper patterns have anything to do with food, or with eating at all.ballongirl

Fasting, if done consciously, can help you to identify the patterns that aren’t serving you. It helps you to change who you are inside while you’re changing on the outside. While the numbers on the scales will go down during a fast, many factors control how much of that weight will stay off. A commitment to lifestyle and behaviour changes is still necessary or the weight will come right back. But the insights gained during a fast can make those changes easier, helping you make new decisions. It’s important to realise that fasting JUST to lose weight could mean you miss 90% of the true benefits. Fasting to lose weight is the beginning of a great journey. Not only because it’s a great way to lose weight physically, but because you can receive insights that can lead to your ultimate healing.stretch-back

If we’re open, there are so many more benefits to fasting than just the physical. We are so much more than physical bodies. When an opportunity for a higher way of being manifests, we should embrace it. And fasting does, somehow, create such openings. After experiencing some of these “openings”, you’ll understand why fasting has been a part of spiritual practices since antiquity. Certainly, fasting isn’t the only way to experience them, but it’s one that doesn’t take years of training or study. Without the stimulation of food, our body and mind becomes more quiet, still, and peaceful. This is the reason it’s so important to slow down during a fast. To be free of some of your usual obligations allows time for inner discovery.




1. Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor’s Program for Conquering Disease. by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

2. The New Detox Diet: The Complete Guide for Lifelong Vitality With Recipes, Menus, and Detox Plans. by Elson M. Haas, M.D.

3. The Fast Track Detox Diet: Boost metabolism, get rid of fattening toxins, jump-start weight loss and keep the pounds off for good. by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD.

4. The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising “Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Fat–and Lose Weight Fast. by Lyn-Genet Recitas.

5. Eat Stop Eat. by Brad Pilon.

Interested in stepping up to the challenge of your own fast?

WATCH: The benefits of fasting…

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