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Why I chose to sell Organic Products Online

Why I chose to sell Organic Products Online



There are many reasons why someone may want to sell organic products online, it’s of course an individual journey but I wanted to share the reasons I started my home based business and why I chose the opportunity I did. Underneath each point I’ve presented how Miessence stood up to my rigorous research criteria.

why i choose to sell organic products online

high aspirations and why i chose to sell organic products online

  1. I was looking to make an income, a good income, one that could grow and not be dependent purely on the amount of hours I put in. Something that when set up could be earning me income when I wasn’t around and something I could grow in alignment to my own lifestyle. For that you need a good commission structure that builds in many different ways.

Miessence has 7 different commission streams where you can earn income and earn bonuses. The commission is generous and you also earn Mireward points for free products, which build up very quickly. Reps also get products up to 40% off RRP. Commission payout is monthly and easy to send directly into your bank account.


  1. I’m often travelling the world, as well as taking on a number of different projects with my art and installation work where I have less time to give and so it would need to be very flexible with perhaps less time spent on it at certain times of the year. Working online means I can check in anywhere in the world in case I have to contact people who have questions directly. My lifestyle simply doesn’t fit a traditional brick and mortar business.

I choose my hours, days and weeks when I work. I have complete freedom on when, where and how much I work. Sometimes I’m all dialled in and focused and that’s a great time to write blog posts, set-up ads and look for new lead generation. Other times I’m travelling, feeling more outdoorsy and social and that’s a great time to make new connections and meet people face to face, customers pop up in the weirdest of places!


  1. It was also important that the opportunity be international and that shipping was available to many different countries. Also for me when travelling that means I could be signing up members as I went.

Missence is an international company with headquarters in Austalia. Shipping is worldwide in over 120 countries.

Every dollar you spend is a vote for the world you want to see


  1. Most importantly what is key for me is the products and the integrity of the company that makes them. I strongly believe that every $/£ you spend is a vote for the world you want to see and so its very important to, as they say, put your money where you mouth is when it comes to supporting, ethical, sustainable organic enterprises if we really want to see things being done differently with more care for the earth.

Miessence products are 100% certified organic by the Australian certification board as well as the USDA. The skincare is so pure you can eat it! The company is the first in the world to be carbon negative by 110%. The factory is run on wind and solar power. Through buy1give1 they provide funding for numerous charitable organisations within the environmental and social spheres which is fully transparent and audit-able by the public through buy1get1’s website. The management team are extremely active and available to reps and regularly speak at events set up by reps showing their true commitment and passion to organics and the resultant lifestyle changing over brings about.

abstract technology web concept connections business background


  1. The internet is an amazing tool, it is estimated that within the next few years almost all of the worlds population will have access. We can literally reach the whole world using this platform. I love talking face to face about the business and products but for sheer ease of reach and breadth, having an online presence is extremely beneficial. I therefore knew I needing training, free training and lots of it to make a go of an online business.

There is abundant access to training available to reps through webinars, presentations, pdf guides and also lots of one-on-one and group support via phone, regular hangouts and conferences as well as a facebook group. Modern marketing is very different from the cheesy, overbearing cars salesman tactics of old. It’s all about listening and sharing with no expectation of getting anything in return. You’re simply introducing the opportunity. Something I didn’t know anything about has now become a lot easier to navigate and understand and I’m now very confident in updating my website, writing ads, and building my online business through many different platforms and using many different tools. I didn’t come into this with any prior knowledge and I’m very proud in how I’ve grown my skills in this way, if I can do it, trust me, so can you!!


I am looking to grow my international team and have spots for 3 more team members for the coming year. I have bases in the UK, west coast US as well as Mexico so particularly looking for team members who can represent in these countries.


If you are self motivated. Inspired by the organic, chemical-free vision and want to be involved with an ethical, sustainable company who have a long blemish-free trading history then I’m excited to hear from you.



You will receive all you need to get started including:


  • Up to 40% off whole range of organic products
  • A fully set-up e-commerce shop
  • Full product training
  • Full ethical business training
  • Generous commission
  • On going help and support with all aspects of running a successful online business


Please get in touch if you are interested in working together and starting a new, exciting, high vibe, life chapter. Either way, I welcome connection, even if you have another opportunity in mind and want me to take a look, I did a lot of research before I found Miessence! (but once I found them it was a no-brainer).


Many blessings,


Samantha Veitch

Video: Miessence Organic Business Opportunity

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