Who are these dragons?


Samantha Veitch

Self proclaimed spiritual nomad, always seeking, exploring, yearning for further growth, more knowledge, more connection, more peace, more happiness, as the cliched Sagittarius. After much spacey-ness she is keen to merge the spiritual and the physical to a greater extent. Superfoods are a great tool for this work!

Nathanael Wheaton

The darling with many hats to choose from. On the healthy living path for a short amount of time with pretty extreme side effects, mostly good 🙂 One of those arty types with a beard.

We have come together to explore health and wellness, the resultant increase in awareness, balance and rising consciousness. We are here to share our passion for it and our favourite ingredients and brands. We love visiting springs together, wild crafting and brewing up kombucha and other fermented delights. We met at Beloved music festival last year in the dark over a cup of tea. Our eyes met later over a bowl of coconut bliss icecream. The first thing we prepared together was a 4 layer raw vegan pie. The first brewing was 5 gallons of wild crafted plum wine on our second meeting. These decadent delights of the physical world have brought us together in joy and gratitude and we hope to share that here.