Our favourite people and products

We try and support local small producers as much as possible. In California we have a small vegetable patch to grow as much as we can. Here is our top rated producers of healthy food that we regularly use in the US and UK along with our favourite worldwide organisations, projects and revolutionary people who we admire for the work they do in the world.

The Briar Patch food coop

Our favourite local grocery store in Nevada City, California. All shoppers are members benefitting from profit dividends and owner discounts. They have a great cafe, deli and also run a cookery school. A beautiful project to support.


Happy Cow

Wonderful site for finding vegan options worldwide! I always check in here when visiting a new city. You never know what could be lurking right around the corner, and trust me the best places are usually not the ones on the main drag with the big windows and flashy signage! Its hard to stumble into a vegan gem 🙂 This does the stumbling for you so you can just show up with the knowledge you are following in the footsteps of your fellow brave vegan explorers. And of course when the stumbling does take place, let the vegan/veggie community know! Includes restaurants, veg friendly and 100% vegan places, stores and organic grocers.



Certified Organic Superfoods, Cosmetics, Skin and hair care, Cleaning products. Their Superfood are the blends I use everyday and what you will find in many of my blog recipes. I am now an independent representative for them after having some really positive results with the products. Please visit my site or contact me through here for more information or to organise a free no pressure consultation. I am keen to hear from possible new reps in the UK and the States where I am focusing my attention right now. I am only interested in hearing from those who already use organic products in some way and are very interested in setting up there own business and are willing to put the initial work in rather then looking for a ‘quick fix’.

Miessence business opportunity 


Indigo herbs

A wonderful superfood and herb company based in glastonbury. Ordered all my extra superfoods for my engagement party elixirs from them and was very happy to receive free next day delivery with an order of over 100 pounds.Good prices with bulk and smaller amounts to trial, also some good recipes and recommendations on use with some basic information on each ingredients traditional use and how to prepare.


 Divine Organics

Sell wonderful raw cacao products, coconut sugar and oils, nut butters and superfoods such as one of my personal favourites- Moringa! They are a California company with high ethical standards and you can shop online.


Thrive Market

Newcomer in my world. US based online store. They sell wholesale priced organics and health foods. Big brand names and they also do their own range of nuts, flours and seeds. Good first order discount and free gifts. It works on a membership basis but the first month is free if you want to trial it and see how much you save.


Wholefoods online- UK

One for the UK, great online store with many wholefoods including nuts, seeds, dried fruit, superfoods, teas and spices. You get free postage over £30 spend and usually they offer a different free gift for ordering each week sent to your email when you register. I got free medjool dates last time!


Ambaya Gold

Recently discovered these full power products when the owner came down for a visit to our winter home at Baja BioSana Permaculture community. They are extremely potent formulas for optimizing vitality and immunity. We particularly recommend the  Super Conductive Vitamins


Fully Raw Kristina

Kristina is an amazing representative of the raw vegan lifestyle. This is her blog which she updates regularly. Loads of great recipes and a real pioneer down Texas way.


David Wolfe

Raw foodist, now pretty infamous guru for many. Has written many inspirational books and runs workshops and talks worldwide. As it says on his site “Avocado” Wolfe is the rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity universe”. He also has a great superfood line including raw chocolate.


Baja Bio Sana Permaculture Community

This is now our home away from ‘home’- although for me that is a pretty elastic term for the past 10 years 🙂 An amazing oasis with a maturing fruit forest and a growing assortment of epic earthbuilds. They are open for interns and volunteers and in the future this will be a pioneering health and personal growth mecca!


Dome Home by Rashek Lightwon


Amazing inspirational organisation run by friend Claire Dakin. The mission is to reforest the earth and so far with monthly donations from women worldwide they have reached the lofty goal of planting 1,000,000 trees/year and are now heading towards the same per month! They also offer meditations and regular call ins including beautiful and inspiring full moon and new moon retreat calls. I regularly donate and so am personally sponsoring the planting of 38 trees/month, a lovely thing to visualise! I welcome you to join the movement and commit to even just 10 dollars or pounds/month.


Nu Mundo

A wonderful project. An online network of permaculture communities, projects and events worldwide. Find your next volunteering project to get onvolved with or advertise your own. They also organise there own networking events and run course on sustainable leadership and bringing forth your inner calling and finding your voice.



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