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benefits-of-yoga-yogi-life“I often observe in the fasting participants that by four days of fasting, concentration seems to improve, creative thinking expands, depression lifts, insomnia stops, anxieties fade, the mind becomes more tranquil and a natural joy begins to appear. It is my hypothesis that when the physical toxins are cleared from the brain cells, mind-brain function automatically and significantly improves and spiritual capacities expands.”

Joel Fuhrman, M.D., in Fasting and Eating for Health


Our bodies have a perfectly good, inbuilt detoxification system, working every second of the day to remove the waste products of everyday living from every cell in our body. If we were living in the pristine, healthy, natural world into which our bodies evolved, this inbuilt system would be perfectly adequate to cope with normal metabolic waste. However, our modern lifestyle places a huge burden on this system. Some help may be needed to support and enhance our body’s natural detoxification processes. When we give our body a rest from the constant onslaught of food, during a fast, this freed up energy is diverted to the tasks of repairing cells, tissues and organs, eliminating foreign toxins as well as the natural metabolic waste produced by our healthy cells. Fasting is an opportunity to ‘spring clean’ our system.

Our body knows how to heal itself. We just have to give it some space.

Walking on water at sunset

BENEFITS OF FASTING Anti-ageing effects • Better attitude • Better resistance to disease • Better sleep • Change of habits • Clearer planning • Clearer skin • Creativity • Diet changes • Drug detoxification • Improved senses (vision, hearing, taste) • Inspiration • More clarity (mentally and emotionally) • More energy • More relaxation • New ideas • Purification • Reduction of allergies • Rejuvenation • Rest for digestive organs • Revitalisation • Right use of will • Spiritual awareness • Weight loss


• Correct Functioning Of Your Liver And Kidneys

• Healthy Digestive System

• Enough Fibre In Your Diet

• Adequate Fluid Intake

• Antioxidants to prevent damage as toxins are taken out of storage and repackaged for      transport out of the body

• Bitter tasting foods on your tongue to trigger the whole process.


Introducing FAST Weight Loss Superfood which assists with all of these, it is a:

1 Weight Loss Formula

2 Protein Shake

3 Prebiotic Supplement

4 Fibre Supplement

5 Green Alkalising Supplement

6 Liver Cleansing Supplement

7 Super Antioxidant Drink

8 Immune Support Supplement

9 Energy drink


WHAT IS FAST WEIGHT LOSS SUPERFOOD? FAST is a certified organic, nutritionally supported 3-day modified fast for sustained weight loss without the usual hunger. Yes, you can achieve fast, effective & healthy weight loss. On your 4th morning, you will wake up feeling lighter, cleaner, energised and refreshed with an improvement in digestion, elimination, mental clarity, skin, and sleep.

HOW TO USE FAST Take 30g (3 tablespoons) of FAST in 250ml of water 3 times a day for 3 days and lose about 3 kgs. That’s it! (Losses range between 2.5-5.5kg). Whenever you feel a hunger pang strike, just drink a glass of water. Our bodies often mistake thirst signals for hunger. Hunger (especially if you’re overweight) is often just dehydration. So drink plenty of water and herb teas. Take a break from the caffeine, if you can, as this can increase restlessness and anxiety, which are not your friends during a fast.

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