Superfood Vitality Challenge


‘Superfoods are the food and medicine of the future’       

David Wolfe, author and nutritionist



Abundance in health and wellness. Vitality for the new paradigm where there are no limits! We love RAW, we love Superfoods. We love REAL organic foods. We put our trust in natures bounty….namaste!

You can take part in our Vitality Challenge with online support from other vitality seekers.

Simply adding 3 teaspoons of concentrated Superfood blends into your diet for 10 days, you can experience the benefits of potent, concentrated nutrition. 100% active ingredients with no fillers or synthetic vitamins/minerals.

RAW, Vegan, Gluten free, plant based, alkalizing, blended fresh each month.

Some of the possible ‘side effects’ are-

  • Invigorated, balanced energy levels throughout your day
  • Improved digestion from a full prebiotic/probiotic array to re-colonise the good bacteria in your gut
  • Deep cleanse of your system- by providing the key building blocks of nutritional requirements your body doesn’t have to work so hard and can focus on detoxifying
  • Increase in absorption of nutrients from your food which results in an boosted metabolism, increased oxygenation to the blood, promoting healing and regeneration
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced Cholesterol
  • Increase in stamina whilst exercising
  • Increase in ability to concentrate
  • Improved sleep


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Special offer for February and March challenges-  45% off RRP!

Just $4.44/day US   $4.90/day Canada    £3.33 UK (worldwide delivery available!) 

Get on to real, living foods for real, living health and wellbeing.
Broad-spectrum phytonutrients from organic superfoods
sourced organically, ethically and sustainably/
The purest, most potent source of nutrient-dense medicinal
foods ultra-concentrated into convenient powders to flood your
body with phytonutrients.


3 Nutritional Keys for Optimal Health and Vitality

#1 – Phytonutrient Antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage
#2 – Alkalising Minerals for correct pH balance
#3 – Probiotics for nutrient assimilation and toxin elimination
Our 3 products fulfill all these needs!
Organic, Potent and RAW.
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